Keith Edward Coleman

Handcrafted for sound and beauty

Recognized materials and techniques, both old school and new> Culminating in an instrument that is both beautiful and sweet to the ear. Timelessness at the moment........

Style, size,  venue, appointments, coloring, tone, genre, materials, investment, All to your liking, or to meet experience and tradition.

Quality Traditional Materials and
eye catching appearance.
Handcrafted for your particular
wants, needs and dreams,,,,,,,,,,,.

Luthier and Archtop Instrument Maker

  • Jumpin Fences0:00
  • Things to Change0:00
  • Calif Redwood 20140:47
  • 2 point Mandola 20131:01
  • First Mandolin 20090:50
  • F model 20140:42
  • F model 20110:50
  • Tenor Guitar 20130:48

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